Teacher Tenure Lawsuit Will Move Forward

Updating a story we brought you recently, Reuters reported last week that a judge refused to throw out a lawsuit challenging California’s teacher tenure laws.

According to the news outlet, the judge will hear arguments by advocates who say that the tenure laws serve poor and minority students with a disproportionate share of the worst teachers. One group, Students Matter, says that five state laws governing the hiring and firing of teachers discriminates against public school students, denying them an equal education.

“These five statutes are violating the rights of California public school students each and every day,” a plaintiffs’ attorney said in court, according to Reuters. “They inevitably put and keep grossly ineffective teachers in the classroom in front of students.”

Teacher unions oppose the lawsuit. State laws require that school districts either grant or deny tenure to teachers within 18 months after they are hired, which plaintiffs say leads to administrators giving permanent employment status to potentially problematic teachers.

James Finberg, representing the California Teachers Association and California Federation of Teachers, said that the issue is not the teachers, rather the districts. “The [laws] don’t assign teachers. Districts and principals assign teachers,” Finberg said, according to Reuters. “The reality of students being in inner-city schools is not caused by these statutes.”

After an initial hearing last week, a judge ruled on behalf of the plaintiffs, saying that the court found sufficient evidence to move the case forward to a trial.

I Was Wrongfully Terminated

It should be noted that some of these statues exist to protect workers from things like wrongful termination, age discrimination and other forms of employment discrimination. Hopefully, this case will draw attention to ongoing issues when it comes to professional rights.

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Source: http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/03/05/us-usa-teachers-california-idUSBREA2406Z20140305