Has There Been a Settlement in the Tech Wage Collusion Case?

Have you been following the ongoing tech antitrust lawsuit? It is a very interesting case, which could have ramifications nationally. Photo of time card

As we reported in our blog previously, Apple, Google and other tech companies have been accused of blocking companies from making job offers to more than 60,000 employees in an antitrust lawsuit filed over collusion claims.

Last week, the Associated Press reported that the parties involved in the lawsuit have reached an agreement. This comes after a judge rejected a previous settlement offer by Apple Inc., Google, Intel Corp. and Adobe Systems Inc. to pay $324.5 million to resolve the lawsuit. The judge determined that the amount was too low.

Terms of the new settlement have not been disclosed yet. The AP reported that the settlement was actually filed in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, because the companies were still appealing the judge’s rejection of the initial settlement offer.

The lawsuit accuses the companies of using behind-the-scenes tactics designed to keep computer engineers and application designers at their current positions and pay levels, alleging that they colluded not to hire each other’s employees to keep salaries low. The lawsuit was scheduled to go to trial in April and plaintiffs’ were seeking $3 billion in damages.

A similar lawsuit is now pending against DreamWorks Animation SKG and Walt Disney Co. over wage collusion claims.

Can I File a Lawsuit If I Believe I Am Owed Back Pay?

If you feel like your employer is actively working to keep your wages low, you need to contact an attorney and describe why you believe this is happening. Employer collusion, in an attempt to keep wages low, could result in litigation. Any evidence you could provide that would suggest collusion or an agreement would be valuable in any case.

If it is true that these companies had these agreements, it is not fair to the employees, who deserve to be paid what the market allows. Remember, you can attempt to use the court system to prove wage claims.

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Did You Know? Intuit, Pixar and Lucasfilm reached a $20 million settlement that was approved by a court in a wage collusion case last year.

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