Ten Lexington Employees File Discrimination Lawsuits

According to the Kentucky Lexington Herald-Leader, ten Lexington city employees have filed a lawsuit against a Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government alleging discrimination. The employees say they were discriminated against based on their race, the men are African-Americans. Additionally, plaintiff Gene Barrell Jr. said she was sexually harassed and Ann Ratliff was discriminated against based on her gender. Plaintiff Jack Barnett said he was discriminated against based on his age as a supervisor in the Streets, Roads and Forestry division. All plaintiff say they were retaliated against after filing complaints with the city.

The lawsuit was filed in Fayette Circuit Court and assigned to Judge Pamela Goodwine. The plaintiffs are asking for lost wages and other compensation. The suit names Sam Williams, director of the agency, and Albert Miller, deputy director of that division as some of the defendants.

Plaintiff Price said he was denied light-duty work at his job even though other similarly situated white employees with medical restrictions were allowed to work light duty. Price and other plaintiffs allege racial discrimination in promotional opportunities and job assignment, verbal abuse, extreme profanity and other conduct and mismanagement by supervisors.

Price says he was unfairly suspended without pay for alleged inefficiency and was required to operate a truck with malfunctioning brakes which resulted in an accident causing injuries. Cowherd and Ross said they were unfairly suspended without pay for going to lunch away from a work site even though white crew members went to lunch away from the work site without facing disciplinary actions. Ross said he was required to bring in doctor’s notes while his white co-workers did not have such a requirement.