Terminix Settles Sexual Harassment Case for 140K

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Terminix and parent company Servicemaster have agreed to pay $140,000 and provide other relief to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit brought on by two employees. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a sexual harassment suit on behalf of two female employees at Terminix facility.

The EEOC said that the victims’ supervisor suggested to the female employees that they not wear tops to work, wear nothing but Vaseline to work and should be strippers so they could give him a lap dance. The lawsuit claimed that other supervisors were aware of the misconduct but failed to address it.

Terminix, in addition to a monetary award, must revise, post and disseminate antidiscrimination policies and procedures, and provide training on sexual harassment and retaliation to all employees and managers. Servicemaster’s spokesman said the company admits no liability for the alleged wrongdoing but agreed to a settlement in order to avoid unnecessary and prolonged litigation. The company also said that it had voluntarily agreed to provide anti-harassment training for the branch involved in these allegations.

There are many forms of sexual harassment in a work place. The first, called quid pro quo sexual harassment, is where an employee is subjected to unwelcome sexual advances or physical contact. The other form of sexual harassment is known as hostile working environment caused by exposure to unwanted sexual advances or sexual remarks.

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