Texas Women File Discrimination Lawsuit

The United States Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against the Texas Department of Agriculture and General Land Office on July 11, according to the Houston Chronicle. The lawsuit alleges pay discrimination against three female employees and a violation of the Civil Rights Act.

According to the report, female program specialists Monica Bosquez Mota, Tina Lewis and Dalinda Newby all received less pay for the same work than their male counterparts. The program specialists worked in disaster recovery for the Texas Department of Rural Affairs, a department which has since been discontinued.

Bosquez Mota filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in 2009 after discovering a large pay disparity and bringing it to the attention of management, which failed to act accordingly. The three women made salaries ranging from $62,000 to $72,500 annually compared to male counterparts earning anywhere from $79,600 to $95,000.

“The Texas Office of Attorney General has been working with federal lawyers to resolve this matter on behalf of the former Texas Department of Rural Affairs,” said Todd Staples, Texas Agriculture Commissioner. “The US Department of Justice, for obvious political purposes, issued a grossly misleading press release simply to take an unnecessary shot at Texas.”

The facts here certainly support the claims of these women, and this seems to be a clear case of gender discrimination. Our website has more information about discrimination if you have been discriminated against in the workplace or the hiring process.

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