The Financial Breakdown of a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

The Berkeley Unified School District recently settled a sexual harassment lawsuit for $172,697.15, according to A high school student in the district filed the suit against her guidance counselor, according to court records.

Reporters had requested a detailed breakdown of the costs of the case, but district officials were initially hesitant to release the financial records. Deputy Superintendent Javetta Cleveland told journalists that all but $46,281.25 was paid for by the school district’s insurance carrier. The spending on the case broke down as follows:

  • $21,281.25 towards a Pleasanton law firm to investigate the plaintiff’s claims.
  • $67,607.54 paid toward attorney James Marzan to represent the school district in the lawsuit.
  • $26,308.36 paid to San Jose attorney Mark Davis, who represented the counselor.
  • $57,500 paid to the plaintiff to settle the lawsuit.

It is worth nothing that the school district spent a significant amount more fighting this case than it did settling with the plaintiff. This is more or less how many sexual harassment lawsuits play out. It is an expensive ordeal for businesses—all possible precautions should be taken to avoid these lawsuits by protecting employees and students from sexual harassment.

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