There Is Such Thing as a Paid Lunch

Yesterday we discussed some of the overtime issues in employment law that tend to arise out of wage disputes, but another area that our Los Angeles employment lawyers frequently get asked about has to do with meal and rest breaks.

Most employers are not required to compensate you for meal periods, but there are exceptions if the employer requires you to remain on the work site or considers the break to be an “on duty” meal period. If a supervisor or manager alters your actual times worked in any way, either adding breaks where none were taken or adjusting times to justify a lack of break, you should contact an employment attorney immediately as adjusting employee time cards is a criminal offense.

Furthermore, your employer is also required to provide a paid 10-minute break for every four hours worked. While you are entitled to skip these breaks, an employer cannot require you to work during a rest break.

Again, there are certain professions in which these rules do not apply. The motion picture industry, for example, is largely exempt from these rules. Still, if you suspect that your employer has denied you breaks to which you were entitled or failed to compensate you for breaks that should have been paid, do not settle for whichever explanation the employer might have. We encourage you to contact our firm for a free consultation. Our lawyers can help make sure that you receive properly compensation.

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