Three Sisters File A Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against A Restaurant

According to CBS Local, three sisters have filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against a popular Long Island restaurant where they once worked. Lauren D’Annunzio, Ashley D’Annunzio and Gabrielle D’Annunzio, filed a lawsuit in federal court against Ayhan’s Fish Kebab Restaurant, owner Ayhan Hassan and manager Dario Gomez.

The sisters claim they were routinely subjected to sexual harassment in the form of lewd comments and behavior by male employees, including a cook who was convicted for physically attacking one of them. Juan Orellano was convicted of attempted sexual abuse and sentenced to four months in prison for attacking Lauren D’Annunzio on the restaurant’s premises.

Lauren, who was 17 at the time, testified that the cook came downstairs to the restaurant’s basement and had her in a bear hug. Lauren screamed until one of the busboys ended up walking down, at which time Orellano released her and she ran away.

Lauren’s sisters said they too experienced several types of sexual harassment by male workers in the form of unwanted touching and grabbing. Gabrielle said that the workers would grab their butts and would touch their sides and hips. The restaurant’s owner declined to comment on the lawsuit but said that the sisters worker there for a long time and were happy.
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