Transgender TSA Agent Wins Discrimination Lawsuit Against TSA

According to TIME, a transgender TSA agent who was forced to pat down men has won a settlement from the Los Angeles International Airport. Ashley Yang was living her life as a woman, dressing in feminine clothes and using the ladies room. However, the managers at Los Angeles International Airport commanded her to pat down male passengers and use the men’s restroom. The managers also forced her to cut her long hair and dress as a man, citing the fact that she did not have physical surgery to change her sexual identity, even though the state of California recognizes Ashley as a female on her driver’s license.

Yang allegedly endured verbal harassment from passengers while she patted them down, and after she complained to her supervisors, they fired her. Yang won her sexual discrimination lawsuit against LAX and received five months of back pay and tens of thousands of dollars in a settlement. LAX has also agreed to sensitivity training to prevent future incidences. Yang said that she wanted to change policies and push forward in some way to use her story as a leverage for those who have also endured discrimination.

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