Two California Startups Sued Over Misclassification Claims

According to Wired, two lawsuits have been filed against California on-demand service startups on the heels of litigation against Uber and Lyft that is making national headlines. Photo of employee handbook

The news source reported that the employee misclassification lawsuits were filed against on-demand food delivery companies DoorDash and GrubHub, seeking class action status. The lawsuits allege that the drivers who deliver for the companies should be deemed employees and not independent contractors.

On September 1, a federal judge in San Francisco granted class-action status to a lawsuit brought forward by Uber drivers who have made similar claims against the ride service.

DoorDash is based in Palo Alto, and provides food delivery services in several locations throughout the country. The lawsuit claims that drivers are required to sign up for shifts in advance and follow requirements imposed on them about the handling of food. It also says drivers are told how to dress and are not provided with itemized wage statements.

The GrubHub lawsuit makes similar claims, as it is also a food delivery service. Both lawsuits were filed in a San Francisco Superior Court.

If You Believe Your Position is Being Misclassified, Speak to Our Los Angeles Labor Attorneys

It will be interesting to see how these startup misclassification lawsuits move forward. If you believe that your employment status is being misclassified, you should speak to our labor attorneys. In most cases, independent contractors should have control over the hours they work and there should be a limited number of requirements in place over items like dress or material use.

If you have questions about this, speak to our Los Angeles labor attorneys by calling (310) 273-3180. By contacting our office, we may be able to discuss with you how to best move forward with a potential claim.

If an employer is misclassifying your labor status, you may be able to seek damages and/or back pay.

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