UCLA Study Finds Faculty Often Complains of Racial Bias

According to a report obtained by the Los Angeles Times, The University of California- Los Angeles does not have adequate policies and procedures to deal with the frequent complaints of racial bias among faculty. The report also found that when faculty complained about racism, the complaints were almost never investigated and on the slim chance they were, almost no punishments were dealt.

The review was started by UCLA Chancellor Gene Block in 2012. Block was approached by a group of faculty members that had concerns about UCLA’s discrimination policies and the report found that the university had “failed to adequately record, investigate, or provide for disciplinary sanctions for incidents which, if substantiated, would constitute violations of university nondiscrimination policy.”

Block sent a letter to the faculty and administrators on October 18, letting them know he took the report seriously and would adopt proposals to fix the problems. One of the proposals will be to hire a full-time campus discrimination officer to investigate all allegations of bias.

Two current UCLA faculty members alleged in the report that their department is divided among racial lines and that a clique of white professors dominate the department and use insensitive language towards other ethnicities. Another Latino professor claims that in 2008 a “senior faculty member” called him a racial epithet in front of his students. When he took his complaint to the assistant dean of his department, the Latino professor was told to not pursue his complaint further because it would “cause more trouble.”

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