UPS Settles Supreme Court Pregnancy Discrimination Lawsuit

In an update to a story we brought you previously, NBC Washington reports that UPS has settled a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit that made its way to the Supreme Court. Photo of newspaper

The news outlet reported that the former driver, who sued the company for putting her on unpaid leave while she was pregnant, has an agreement in place with UPS to settle the case, although its terms have not been publicly disclosed. It also reported that UPS has modified its policies for pregnancy accommodations following the lawsuit.

Last spring, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the worker, who became pregnant in 2006, sending her case back to a lower court for review after the woman’s claims were denied by courts in Maryland. The woman and UPS have now “reached an amicable resolution,” her attorney told the news outlet.

“I’m actually extremely happy that we’ve changed a lot of laws and stuff for pregnant women — that they shouldn’t have to decide between having a baby and working,” the woman told NBC Washington.

The woman claimed that she should have been offered lighter duty after she notified the company that she was pregnant. Because she was placed on unpaid leave, the woman lost her health insurance and could not collect unemployment benefits.

If You Experience Pregnancy Discrimination at Work, Talk to Our Los Angeles Labor Lawyers

Employees have legal rights under the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA). If an employee cannot accommodate your pregnancy, talk to our Los Angeles labor attorneys about these rights.

Your employer should treat you like any other temporarily disabled employee if you cannot do the same tasks as your coworkers while you are pregnant. If you experience discrimination, it may be in your best interest to pursue litigation.

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