USA Track and Field gets hit with Wrongful Termination Suit

The former CEO of USA Track and Field, Doug Logan has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the governing body after being fired suddenly. This lawsuit seeks an unspecified amount of compensatory damaged for terminating his contract after only 26 months. The contract should have been in effect through 2013 and should have paid out the remaining $1.7 million due to Logan.
The Chairwoman of USATF Stephanie Hightower has released a statement saying that USA Track and Field would defend itself vigorously against the lawsuit. While Logan would not comment this lawsuit is one that has been expected since he was fired in September. At the time of the firing Logan claimed that he was fired without cause, while USATF claimed to have reason to fire the outspoken CEO and doesn’t owe him anything.

It was reported that Logan had signed a new contract with USATF just days before they began the process of firing him. Ms. Hightower said that the contract negotiations and the review of his job performance were being handled separately and just happened to collide resulting in the firing of the outspoken CEO.

The lawsuit claims that Nothing Logan did or failed to do between June 26 and September constitutes “cause” to terminate his employment under the Second Employment Agreement. Logan also claims that USATF offered him a half a million severance package in exchange for an agreement not to file suit, but her refused.

Contracts are carefully worded legal documents that are in place to protect both the employee and employer if USATF has broken this contract and wrongfully terminated Logan the price could be steep for an organization that operates on a budget of around $15 million and only about $3 million in cash reserves.