Utah Police Officers to Take Wage Dispute to Court

A wage dispute between the city of Saratoga Springs in Utah and five police officers may head to court shortly, according to Fox News 13 in Salt Lake City. The police officers claim they are owed years of unpaid wages and have hired an attorney to collect them. The officers argue that when they were hired they were promised an annual pay raise—Saratoga Springs founded its police force only several years ago. The attorney representing the plaintiffs, Justin Elswick, says the city budget allotted for the raises but the officers did not receive them.

“Every officer lives paycheck to paycheck,” said Saratoga Springs Officer Jared Chuchran, one of the officers filing the complaint. “If they tell you otherwise, that is because they are working our second, our third and fourth jobs.”

The officers receive an average wage of approximately $20/hour, and the pay increases promised were for $1/hour each year. Considering benefits and retirement contributions, the officers are suing for $130,000 in back wages for all five of them over the last several years.

“Our position is if they made the commitment at the time, and it was an incentive to bring people on, and these officers left other positions, came to work and relied on that,” said Elswick. “Then regardless of their employment status per se, there was a commitment made, it was a contract and those terms should be followed through with.”

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