Valero Overtime Lawsuit Gets Class-Action Status

An unpaid wages lawsuit against Valero Corner Stores filed in California has been granted class-action status. The lawsuit alleges that the multiple plaintiffs worked overtime and performed unpaid work for the company, doing tasks such as surveying competitor gas prices, completing required tasks off the clock and conducting surveillance of employees. Over 3,400 hourly workers for Valero stores could be affected by the lawsuit.

According to the lawsuit, the plaintiffs were full-time managers and assistant managers for Valero stores and were eligible for overtime pay for off-the-clock work. Valero Energy Corp. and CST Brands Inc. were named as defendants in the case. Current and former managers at Valero stores could be eligible to join the lawsuit.

California law requires that all “non-exempt employees” be paid overtime wages, which is time-and-a-half, for each hour worked over 40 per workweek. Some employees that are paid salary are still eligible for overtime pay.

This lawsuit comes after another overtime lawsuit against 24 Hour Fitness was approved and settled for $17.4 million when 862 plaintiffs alleged that managers, sales counselors and trainers were unlawfully classified as exempt from overtime pay and that their employer refused to pay minimum wage or overtime.

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