Video from a Los Angeles Harassment Attorney

If you are experiencing sexual harassment at work or other types of harassment in the workplace, reach out to our employment lawyers for legal advice and a free case review. A common concern of people experiencing these types of illegal behaviors is to worry that they will lose their jobs if they speak out to stop the harassment.

A Los Angeles harassment attorney can discuss what to do to stop the harassment without putting your job in jeopardy. These types of cases can vary widely depending on the circumstances, so do not hesitate to reach out to our employment law firm with your questions. Sometimes, people may need to work through human resources at their company to fix the problem; other times, a lawsuit may be necessary. Our lawyers will offer insight into what a person experiencing harassment at the workplace can do to protect their rights when they call on the telephone or fill out an online contact form.

Our website has a lot of useful information about many types of workplace harassment, including: