Vons Sued for Allegedly Falsifying Time Sheets, Overtime Claims

According to the Santa Barbara Independent, grocery chain Vons has been sued for alleged labor violations including falsifying time sheets and failing to pay workers overtime. Photo of timecard

The news outlet reported that the class action lawsuit was filed recently in Santa Barbara Superior Court on the behalf of two lead plaintiffs and 500 past and present Vons employees. It claims that three Vons locations, located on Linden Avenue in Carpinteria, State Street in Santa Barbara and South Turnpike Road in Goleta, participated in the alleged violations.

The lawsuit claims the stores failed to pay overtime by requiring employees to work through lunch breaks, and falsified time sheets so that it appeared as though employees took regular breaks. It seeks damages of more than $4 million for the workers, in addition to compensation for Vons’ “failure to provide accurate wage statements and failure to keep proper payroll records.”

Vons has locations in California and Nevada, and is a subsidiary of Safeway, Inc.

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As a worker in California, you have certain legal rights when it comes to meal breaks. We wrote a blog about this subject in September. Under most circumstances, you are entitled to an unpaid 30-minute meal break if you work at least five hours and two unpaid 30-minute meal breaks if you work at least 10 hours over the course of a day. If you are forced to work through these breaks, you are supposed to be paid.

Additionally, your employer is legally required to provide you with accurate wage statements. Information contained on these statements should include the amount of gross wages or net wages paid during the pay period, and the number of hours you have worked.

If you are experiencing issues with unpaid meal breaks or inaccurate payroll information, or you have a general question about wage and overtime disputes, contact our Los Angeles labor lawyers immediately. We can review your situation and may be able to help you move forward with a legal claim.

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Source: http://www.independent.com/news/2015/sep/25/vons-sued-alleged-labor-code-violations/