Wage Dispute Claims on the Rise

According to a recent report posted by CNNMoney.com, collective lawsuits filed for overtime and wage disputes have risen 400 percent of the last 11 years. Approximately 7,000 lawsuits were filed for these claims in 2011, a vast increase from ten years ago.

When workers do not receive full compensation for the hours they worked, they are often left with little recourse to recover their money. Because of the sluggish economy in recent years, some companies are able to exploit hourly workers because they are so replaceable with qualified candidates. However, it is illegal for these companies to do so, and employees are fighting back with class-action lawsuits.

Most major companies in America have had at least one hourly wage dispute filed against them, but some are worse than others about paying employees. Some of the major companies accused of withholding pay are Taco Bell, Starbucks, Wal-Mart, Oracle, IBM, Fremantle Media, Groupon and Hooters.  If you are being denied pay for hours you worked, there is a good chance your employer has done the same to other employees and you are not alone.

Some former managers for Taco Bell claim to have been pressured to shave hours off of employees’ timecards. The workers were unknowingly being deprived pay for hours they had already worked.

“I was a single mother,” says Brandi Bravo, a former Taco Bell employee in Oregon. Bravo worked as a shift manager and claims she was asked to take hours off the time cards of other workers. “I knew if I didn’t keep labor where it had to be at, then somebody else would have my job and I wouldn’t have one.”

This is unacceptable, and these large companies know the laws very well. If you have been denied compensation for work performed or overtime rates, contact an attorney immediately.

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