Wage Lawsuit: JPMorgan Chase Bank Settles Theft Claims

If your employer expects you to perform tasks off the clock, you need to report this illegal activity immediately to our attorneys. earnings statement

Keep in mind, unless your job has been classified as a management role or you are an exempt worker, in most cases, employees who work more than 40 hours in a week should be paid overtime.

As we have reported in our blog, in some cases, unpaid overtime violations include instances where an employer attempts to avoid paying overtime by forcing an employee to work over 40 hours certain weeks, while making them take time off the next week to make up the difference. Additionally, in some cases, employers force employees to work through lunch breaks.

LawyersandSettlements.com reported recently that JPMorgan Chase Bank has agreed to settle a wage lawsuit in California alleging that it forced employees to work off the clock. The settlement reportedly covers 145,000 current and former employees in 11 states.

Chase Bank reportedly did not pay employees for all tasks performed and avoided overtime payments, because not all their hours were counted correctly, and because they were not given proper meal or rest breaks.

The lawsuit alleges that Chase denied wages, including overtime pay, to its non-exempt hourly employees at its retail branch facilities throughout the country. While a court has yet to approve the settlement, it is estimated to be for up to $12 million.

My Employer Owes Me Back Wages. Can I Sue?

If you speak to our attorneys, we can review your case and determine if laws have been broken. Often, in instances involving wage disputes, a settlement is reached before a case goes to trial—this is why having experienced legal representation is important.

Our skilled employment lawyers can achieve a positive outcome for your case. Please contact our office for a free consultation if your employer is forcing you to work off the clock. You should be paid for all the tasks you perform.

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Did You Know? Federal law requires employers who offer overtime to post signs outlining minimum wage and overtime regulations.

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