Waitress Files Age Discrimination Lawsuit against Storied NY Jazz Club

A former waitress at the Village Vanguard in Manhattan has filed an age discrimination lawsuit against the storied jazz club, according to DNAinfo.com. Madeleine Abel, 63, was terminated in 2011 after she worked at the club for 35 years. Abel also claims she was subject to constant sexual harassment and unwelcomed groping from manager Jed Eisenman.

Abel alleges that toward the end of her tenure, Eisenman made comments about employees he deemed to be “a little long in the tooth” and “certain waitresses were getting too old to work at the Vanguard and [don’t] look good anymore.”

Abel reported the misconduct to other managers at the Village Vanguard to no avail. She eventually became so distraught about the work environment she took a leave of absence after a mental breakdown, after which she was terminated.

“We intend to make every effort to ensure the plaintiff feels satisfied with the outcome of this case,” said Vincent White, Abel’s attorney. “She has worked hard her whole life and deserves a safe and nondiscriminatory work environment. In the absence of those conditions, she deserves just compensation for her loses.”

No one should have to tolerate such mistreatment by management in order to earn an honest living. Please contact our experienced litigators today if this story reminds you of your work environment.

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