Wal-Mart Employee Terminated for Medical Marijuana

The Michigan Wal-Mart employee who was fired for using medical marijuana on the job has taken his fight to court. Joseph Casias is suing the retail giant for wrongful termination. Casias was in headlines all over the country when he was fired from Wal-Mart after testing positive for marijuana during a random drug screening. Casias has an inoperable brain tumor and cancer; he has a state license to use the drug legally to treat pain.

The lawsuit was filed on Friday The people of Michigan have voted a law into effect that would protect people like Joseph Casias. The words “business” and “prohibited disciplinary action” so that people would not have to choose between their prescribed medication and their job. Originally the case was filed in a state court, but Wal-Mart wants to have the case either dismissed or tried in federal court instead.

Joseph Casias says “This is very important as it pertains to my whole livelihood. I feel I was wrongfully terminated and I feel I should still be working. I should not have to wonder what I am going to do for my next meal that will be put on the table.” Although he is appearing increasingly weak, Casias says he is up to the fight.

Groups of people across the country have been up in arms ever since the initial firing. There are many prescription drugs that are considered illegal if used without a prescription; in fact all prescriptions are illegal if used without a prescription. People taking these medications go to work in different industries all over the country every day. Those people just show their prescription or doctor’s orders to their employers and they keep their jobs. They are not at risk of being unemployed for taking medication.