Walmart Employees Plan Organized Demonstration to Protest Erratic Shift Scheduling

Workers in at least 100 Walmart stores plan to protest and confront management on April 24, according to the Nation. The workers are demanding a change in Walmart’s scheduling system, which they claim is unnecessarily inconvenient and intrusive. Employees claim that the schedules are inconsistent and erratic and “wreak havoc on their personal lives and shortchange customer service.”

Walmart US President Bill Simon has addressed the issue before and claims the company is working to make its scheduling more transparent.

Many Walmart employees are forced to work second jobs due to the fact that they are kept under full time hours and don’t receive benefits. The inconsistent scheduling can make it difficult or impossible for the employees to work these second jobs.

“The morale of the associates is down because they don’t feel like they have a career,” said Colby Harris, a worker activist and Walmart employee in Texas. “Just the increase of hours alone would cause people to feel like they’re worth something.”

Organizers estimate that it will be Walmart’s largest demonstration since the Black Friday strikes in November 2012, when approximately 400 employees walked off the job in protest of management.

Federal laws protects the right for these Walmart employees to address issues while on the clock and engage in “protected concerted activity.”

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