Warehouse Workers File Sexual Harassment, Discrimination Lawsuit

According to Sun Times, Joliet warehouse workers have filed a discrimination and sexual harassment lawsuit against DB Schenker. Angela McDonald was upset when she noticed Confederate flags flying from a co-workers pickup parked in the warehouse’s parking lot. The woman complained to her supervisor and said she felt uncomfortable. McDonald said her supervisor responded by saying he will discuss it with human resources but she had never heard anything about the complaint.

The behavior continued and the co-worker continued to display Confederate flags on his vehicle. Additionally, McDonald was aware of KKK drawing on the men’s bathroom walls and swastikas were drawn on the coffee machine and inside the warehouse. McDonald claims these offensive drawings were not cleaned up, causing her to fear for her safety after repeat harassment during the night shift.

McDonald and nine other employees filed charges with the EEOC of Chicago. In their complaint, they allege that DB Schenker did not address discrimination, sexual harassment and hostile work environment complaints filed by workers.

The company’s spokesperson said they had just learned of these allegations before the lawsuit was filed and that the company planned to conduct an investigation into the matter. The director of Warehouse Workers for Justice said that the company and its management should have taken better steps to protect employees offended by Confederate flags and racist graffiti in the workplace.

In the case of sexual harassment, one female employee said she was chased around the warehouse by a male employee but that their superiors never disciplined the male worker. Instead, the harasser was promoted into another job.

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