Wet Seal Inc. Facing Class Action Discrimination Lawsuit

Three former retail employees of Wet Seal Inc. have filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against the company, according to sources. The former employees worked as store managers in California for the retail giant, which sells clothing mostly to teenage girls and young women. The lawsuit alleges the company discriminates against African-Americans, because they do not fit into the image that Wet Seal wants to convey. The class action lawsuit gained more 250 current and former black managers of Wet Seal retail stores. The plaintiffs claim upper management targeted the African-American women for termination.

“They perceived that they would reach white markets better if they had more white managers,” said attorney Brad Seligman, representing the plaintiffs. “You have explicit directions from the very top of the company to terminate African-American managers.”

Nicole Cogdell, one of the plaintiffs, worked as a Wet Seal manager at a King of Prussia, Pennsylvania store. Cogdell was terminated without cause only two months after being promoted to manager. Her replacement, a white female, had less experience and was paid more for the same job.

It appears these women have a solid case. Please visit our website for more information on discrimination.

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