What Are the Laws that Protect Entertainment Workers?

A Los Angeles Labor Attorney Explains

As Los Angeles is located within the heart of the movie industry, it is common to see entertainment labor law cases in the courtroom. Moviemaking is a multi-billion dollar industry and due to that fact, Los Angeles is home to a large percentage of the nation’s entertainment employees. So, even if you do not work directly for the entertainment industry, there is a high chance that you are affected by the laws that govern it.

If you have a wage dispute, harassment claim or similar workplace issue that you suffered while working in the entertainment industry, a Los Angeles employment attorney can explain your rights and help you explore your options for legal action.

Entertainment Employee Rights

Like any other industry, entertainment is subject to the California minimum wage, currently $8 an hour. However, the law also guarantees employees at least a half-day’s pay if they come to work and have no duties that require their attention. Work on a film or television production can often be stop-and-start, which is why the law mandates that workers must be paid regardless of the work they may perform on a given day.

Entertainment companies are also legally obligated to provide workers’ compensation for all employees and independent contractors.

If you are fired from an entertainment industry position, your final paycheck must be given to you immediately. If you willingly quit, your final check must be available within 72 hours. If an employer fails to do this, you may have the option to pursue a wage dispute claim against them.

Entertainment Contract Basics

It is also common to work for an entertainment employer on a contract basis. Before you sign or orally agree to a contract job, it’s essential that both you and the employer clearly spell out:

  • Who the contract concerns (i.e., who’s the other party – a studio, a services firm, a producer, etc.);
  • What your duties will be;
  • When and for how long you will work for the other party;
  • Compensation (whether it’s money or services).

Having a Los Angeles employment attorney review your contract (before you sign it) will ensure that it is fair and legally enforceable.

Working in the entertainment industry can be immensely fulfilling and rewarding, but, like any other industry, it is essential that you know your rights and protections as a worker.

Let Our Los Angeles Labor Attorneys Help

If you suffered an injury, wrongful termination or similar issue while working for an entertainment company, help is available. If you are pursuing a case against a major studio or label, it is almost guaranteed that they will have their own legal counsel that will do everything they can to prevent you from getting the wages and payment that are rightfully yours. Having proper legal counsel on your side gives you your best chance at succeeding in legal action. Contact our office today to have your situation reviewed by an experienced Los Angeles employment attorney.