What Is National Origin Discrimination?

Remember, discrimination based on a person’s age, race, sexual orientation or background is illegal. One form of discrimination that is often overlooked is national origin discrimination, based on where a person is born.Discrimination underlined with red marker

National origin discrimination is illegal from an employment perspective and should not be tolerated.

Recently, the Justice Department announced that it was victorious in a lawsuit against Life Generations Healthcare LLC, doing business as Generations Healthcare (GHC) over allegations that the company discriminated against foreign-born workers.

According to a release by the agency, GHC operated 18 assisted living facilities in California, violating the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) by asking foreign-born job applicants and employees to “produce more, different, and specific documents to prove their employment eligibility verification.”

This was allegedly the norm, while native-born U.S. citizens were allowed to produce the documentation of their choice, according to the DOJ.

Remember, if you feel like a potential employer is asking for additional work verification because of your background, you should contact our attorneys. According to the DOJ release, in the GHC case, some foreign-born individuals were prevented from working for the company if they did not provide it with what it considered sufficient proof for work authorization.

It should be noted that the INA makes it illegal for “additional documentary burdens” to be placed on potential employees because of their citizenship status or national origin.

What Should I Do If I Have Been Discriminated Against Because of Where I Was Born?

For your assistance, we have a page on our website where you can fill out a form if you believe that you have experienced discrimination at work. This includes instances of racial discrimination, gender discrimination or otherwise.

In addition, please contact our office for a free consultation. You could be entitled to damages if you experience discrimination at work.

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Did You Know? A potential employee from any ancestry is legally entitled to the same job opportunities as anyone else.

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