What Radio Station was Accused of Internship Violations?

According to the Billboard Magazine, SiriusXM has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit that claims it violated internship laws. Photo of a business conflict

The news outlet reported that the settlement is for $1.3 million and will cover complaints that the satellite radio company did not pay interns who said they were doing the same jobs as other employees.

Reportedly, more than 1,800 plaintiffs were involved in the lawsuit, with some working for programs such as The Howard Stern Show. The interns claimed that they were asked to do work that was “mundane and repetitive,” but that the work was “essential to SiriusXM’s operations, and thus undeniably reduced the need for additional paid employees.”

The interns also claimed that they were not provided with educational enrichment opportunities through the company. Although it is settling the lawsuit, SiriusXM maintains that its internship practices are legal, saying it wants to save costs on a potentially lengthy legal process.

The settlement still needs a Manhattan federal court’s approval.

Our Los Angeles Labor Attorneys Can Help if You Have a Have an Internship Disagreement

If you are an unpaid intern and you have questions about the legality of your position, you should read this blog post from last September. In California, businesses seeking to hire interns must submit an outline of the proposed internship to the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE), showing that the position exists for the intern’s benefit.

Many lawsuits filed against entertainment providers by former interns, including the one noted above, have claimed that interns are being asked to perform the same job as full-time employees without pay, without any education opportunities. If you are an unpaid intern and your situation sounds like this, speak to our Los Angeles labor attorneys about your legal rights.

Our attorneys work with clients who have experienced issues at work including wage and overtime disputes. Your internship should be a rewarding experience, not one where you are forced to complete tasks that may save a company money.

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Source: http://www.billboard.com/articles/business/6655902/siriusxm-settles-with-unpaid-interns-for-13-million