What Should I Know About the California Fair Pay Act?

If you have been following our blog, over the last couple of weeks, we have been touting the expected benefits of the California Fair Pay Act. Photo of newspaper

The bill has passed through the state Legislature and as of last week, was awaiting the signature of Gov. Jerry Brown, whose representatives said he would approve the measure immediately. With this in mind, the Los Angeles Times recently published an excellent breakdown of the bill and what it will do for workers.

What Does the California Fair Pay Act Do?

The bill will ensure that employees doing “substantially similar” work are paid an equal wage, even if their job titles are not the same or if they work in different offices for the same employer, according to the Times. The paper noted, for example, that for hotel housekeepers, if they perform the same tasks as janitors, they might be able to request the same pay despite having different job titles.

Economists hope that this will help put an end to the wage gap that currently divides male and female employees in California. It has been reported that full-time female workers in the state receive about 84 cents to every dollar a man earns.

If workers ask about the pay of their coworkers, the bill prevents employers from retaliating against them. In fact, employers must prove that wage differences among workers are the result of seniority, merit or systems in place that measure output quantity or quality.

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