Which California Grocer Has Been Sued Over Retaliation Claims?

According to the Los Angeles Times, a former Haggen grocer is suing the supermarket chain for retaliation after she reported in-store pricing discrepancies. Photo of firing

The former pricing specialist claims that she was discriminated against and forced to retire after she reported a mismatch between item prices on shelves and what was being requested at cash registers. The woman worked at a store in Carpinteria.

The woman claims her problems began in June, when the Vons store she worked at was converted to a Haggen store. She said that once the store was changed, many items on shelves ended up being scanned as higher prices at cash registers. The woman allegedly brought up the issue with another employee, saying she believed that the practice violated both state and federal laws banning false advertising.

She claims that she also emailed a Haggen executive about the issue, and that shortly afterward, she was “upbraided” by a district manager for the action. She claims that an executive with the grocer then told the manager to find a way to fire her.

At that point, the woman claims that she retired rather than risk termination. “[The plaintiff] was constructively discharged when she was made to choose between retiring and being terminated,” the lawsuit says, according to the Times.

Do Not Let Your Employer Retaliate Against You

In this August post, we discussed how an employer cannot fire you, demote you or force you to quit for voicing complaints—this is considered retaliation, and it is illegal. State laws protect workers who report or participate in investigations involving alleged instances of illegalities.

If your employer is retaliating against you or you have lost a job due to reporting an illegal activity, speak to our Los Angeles labor attorneys about your rights. We can investigate your case and determine if you may have a legal claim.

You may be able to seek damages if you can prove that your employer participated in an illegal act, which led to your dismissal or demotion. Contact our employment law firm located in Los Angeles by calling (310) 273-3180.

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