Which Long Beach Hotel Has Been Accused of Wage Theft?

Photo of earnings statementAccording to the Long Beach Press-Telegram, workers at the city’s Westin hotel have filed a lawsuit against the chain, alleging that managers failed to pay them proper wages or provide them with rest breaks.

The newspaper reported that the workers are attempting to have the lawsuit certified as a class action case. The hotel specifically involved in the lawsuit is the Westin Long Beach Hotel, which is owned by Interstate Hotels & Resorts, based out of Arlington, Virginia.

The employees involved in the lawsuit include those who worked in the hotel’s banquet and housekeeping departments, as well as The Grill Restaurant. They claim that they have been denied “[l]egally-required rest periods and have also not been paid for time worked, in violation of California minimum wage and overtime laws.”

It implies that they were not paid for working through required break periods. As a part of the class action request, the workers claim that more than 100 people who worked at the hotel dating back four years could be owed damages and back pay.

How Can a Los Angeles Labor Attorney Help Me Resolve a Wage Issue?

There have been numerous lawsuits filed against hotels in California recently over wage claims, as labor groups have attempted to organize workers. Many of the lawsuits claim that workers are being forced to perform tasks through breaks or off-the-clock, without pay.

Remember, California laws currently require that most hourly workers are given a thirty-minute meal break when they work at least five hours, and a ten-minute on-the-clock rest period for every four hours worked. Additionally, if you are being asked to work after you clock out, this action could be illegal, as you should be paid for all of the tasks you perform.

If your employer is breaking the law, you may be able to seek damages over wage and overtime violations. Make sure that you receive assistance if you have questions about how any labor laws may pertain to you. Talk to our Los Angeles labor attorneys today about your wage, meal break or overtime situation.

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Source: http://www.presstelegram.com/general-news/20150818/lawsuit-alleges-long-beach-hotel-failed-to-pay-full-wages-to-workers