Why is an Intern Suing CBS?

According to Deadline, recently, a former intern accused CBS Corporation and CBS Radio of wage theft. Picture of an employee being wrongfully terminated

The proposed class action lawsuit was filed by a former intern who claims that she worked for CBS Radio in New York from December 2009 through August 2010, when she managed the company’s web content and website.

The former intern, Camille Demere, claims that she worked about 40 hours per week without minimum wage compensation. She also claims that CBS failed to provide her with academic or vocation training. She said that her duties included cutting and editing radio interviews into shorter clips, and creating original content to include in online posts.

“[CBS] would have hired additional employees or required existing staff to work additional hours had the named plaintiff and other members of the putative class not performed work,” the lawsuit states.

Am I Entitled to Pay as an Intern?

We have blogged several times previously about internships and pay. Remember, there are guidelines all employers must follow when deciding to bring on an intern. In California, an employer must submit an outline of the proposed internship to the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE) before it is allowed to work with an intern. During this process, it must show that the proposed internship would provide educational and vocational training.

One way to determine if your internship is illegal is to review the duties that you perform. If you are being asked to perform the same tasks as other paid employees without assistance, you should contact an employment attorney who can review your case and determine if you have a possible legal claim.

Employment law can be incredibly complicated when it comes to internships and pay, so your case may require investigation. Any company that takes advantage of interns by not providing them with enriching experiences and compensation should be held liable.

In some notable cases, interns have been victorious in seeking back wages from employers who refused to pay them. If you would like to speak to us about this issue, fill out the form on the side of this page.

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Source: http://deadline.com/2015/01/intern-lawsuit-cbs-class-action-1201362336/