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Are you an immigrant working in the U.S.? If you are, the Los Angeles Times had a disturbing story recently about a man who has been accused of duping people by claiming he was an attorney and taking their money. Photo of newspaper

According to the story, Jesus Lozano, allegedly lined the bookshelves in his office with legal sets and had a business card with a picture of the scales of justice. In one instance, Lozano allegedly promised to help a man file a wage claim against his former employer. However, he allegedly stopped returning phone calls and showing up for meetings after he was given $400 in cash.

The Times reported that Lozano was taking money from immigrants for years, promising to represent them in court proceedings for labor, personal injury and immigration cases. Last December, two undercover police officers allegedly visited with Lozano in his office and recorded him agreeing to take on an immigration case, which he could not.

Since the authorities busted him, Lozano has pleaded guilty to three charges, including practicing law without a license, acting as an immigration consultant without registering with the state and violating a court injunction.

Investigators told the Times that Lozano is not alone in practicing this technique—they said that the L.A. County Department of Consumer Affairs has received 328 complaints about people illegally giving immigration legal advice over the past decade.

Experts said fear and confusion makes immigrants easy targets for legal frauds. Lozano reportedly threatened to contact immigration agents if they complained about being unhappy.

Our Labor Lawyers Set the Bar High

It is sad that people are preying on immigrants in this fashion. If you ever have issues with your employer and are seeking items like back pay, or are experiencing discrimination, harassment or workplace retaliation, speak to our labor attorneys.

We take claims very seriously, with some of our attorneys having more than 30 years of experience representing labor violation victims. There is no fraud involved. Connect with us on Facebook for more information about California labor laws. Additionally, you can send us e-mail directly, explaining your case.

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