William Gurney, Air Force Chief Master Sergeant, is Convicted of Sexual Harassment

According to Gather, William Gurney has served in the military for 27 years, with his most recent title being Air Force Chief Master Sergeant. Unfortunately, William Gurney has been abusing his power and using his rank to force lower ranked women in the military into having sex.

Though Gurney was a top enlisted man, it is likely that his military career—and his life—will never be the same.

At his court hearing, William Gurney cried, claiming to have realized his mistakes and also apologizing to the many women he had victimized. He pled guilty to 13 counts, which included counts of sexual misconduct and adultery. For this, he is facing more than 16 years in jail.

In 2009, a supervisor at the Ohio Wright-Patterson Air Force Base was made aware of allegations of sexual harassment against Gurney. At the time of the allegations, Gurney was a lower ranked senior official. However, he may still receive an honorable discharge.