Woman Sues San Mateo Court Officials For Discrimination

A San Mateo County Superior Court deputy court clerk filed a lawsuit in the same court where she once worked on August 26, 2011. Laura Gonzalez claims she was continuously discriminated against and disciplined because of her age and ethnicity, according to the San Mateo Daily Journal.

Gonzalez claims she eventually went on state disability after being repeatedly harassed and erroneously admonished by her immediate supervisor after returning from maternity leave and that the court’s top executive did nothing to prevent or stop the situation. She is seeking “reinstatement of her job and damages based on employment discrimination, retaliation, breach of contract, failure to prevent discrimination, fraud and deceit and harassment,” according to the Journal.

The suit says Gonzalez joined the court in April 2000 and took a six-month maternity leave following the birth of her third child, returning in August 2009. Her supervisor, Laura Cuellar, went out on medical leave in late 2009 and Gonzalez “appreciated her interim replacement’s management style and efforts to quell department gossip,” according to the Journal. Gonzalez claims being 40 years old, Hispanic and directly telling Cuellar about her preference for another’s management style led to her being singled out by Cuellar and her manager, Susan Maxwell, both of whom are white.

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