Woodland Hills Restaurant Servers Receive $5.68 Million in Age Discrimination Lawsuit

Four former servers at Cable’s Restaurant in Woodland Hills have been awarded $5.68 million in an age discrimination lawsuit. The lawsuit claims that Cables new owner laid off the four plaintiffs, all women between the ages of 49 to 70, in 2010. The women sued Cable’s and its owner GACN Inc. in September of 2011, claiming age discrimination and wrongful termination.

A jury deliberated for less than two hours on December 17 on the case before awarding the women a combined $1.68 million for lost wages and emotional distress. On the same day during the second phase of the trial, the jury added $4 million after it was alleged that the restaurant “acted with fraud, oppression and/or malice” when terminating the woman. It was also discovered that the servers were replaced shortly after their termination with woman in their 20s.

According to the plaintiffs’ attorney, Cable’s had begun posting job ads to find replacements for the plaintiffs after promising that their jobs were safe.

Age discrimination is a pervasive problem in the workplace and Forbes Magazine noted that age discrimination claims have skyrocketed over the past decade. Discrimination based on age can be difficult to prove, but holding on to any documents you were given prior to leaving your position is a good place to start. An experienced employment attorney can help you decide if you have enough evidence for a claim.

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Did You Know: The Age Discrimination in Employment Act protects individuals who are 40 years or older from employment discrimination.

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Source:  http://www.dailynews.com/business/20131224/4-woodland-hills-restaurant-workers-awarded-57m-in-age-discriminaton-lawsuit