Worker Fired for Going to Feds Sues SeaWorld

Linda Simons, former SeaWorld safety director has filed a lawsuit for wrongful termination against the park. Linda claims she was fired because she identified safety violations at the park and when they were ignored she reported the violations to the federal department.

When trainer Dawn Brancheau was killed within the park in February Linda claims that SeaWorld obstructed the investigation into the situation. Sea World claims that Ms. Simons was terminated for poor job performance and is trying to settle the case out of court with an arbitrator. If SeaWorld succeeds in settling out of court the results would be kept private.

Simons believes she was wrongly fired for attempting to do her job correctly and going outside of the park to enforce the changes that needed to be made for the safety of not only employees but also for the guests at the park. She also claims that not only was she a victim of wrongful termination, but also was publicly defamed by the company.

As is common with Whistleblower situations an employee is often terminated after bringing the attention of an official sector that has the power to make the changes for the company to be required and not optional. This is clearly what has happened in this case. How could the safety director be fired for poor job performance when she had gone all the way to the federal level to attempt to perform the functions of her job?