Workplace and Discrimination Cost American Businesses $64 Billion Annually

According to the Huffington Post, workplace discrimination costs businesses approximately $64 billion annually, citing a report from the Center For American Progress. The exact reasons that businesses lose money due to discrimination vary, but turnover is a major factor, stating that 2 million employees leave their jobs each year because of discrimination in the workplace.

Lawsuits because of illegal discrimination practices also account for a large percentage of the estimated figure. FedEx, for example, recently settled a lawsuit for $3 million after applicants accused them of discriminating against them based on gender and race.

According to the study, gender identity and sexual orientation are the most prominent forms of discrimination. More than 40 percent of gay employees reported that they faced discrimination or harassment at work, and 90% of transgender employees reported harassment, according to the Gay and Lesbian Task Force. Virtually every Fortune 500 company has clear policies against discrimination, but that does not mean it is always enforced fully.

If you experience discrimination in the workplace, it is in everyone’s best interest that you report it to the proper authorities. If the behavior does not change, you need to contact an employment attorney. Workplace discrimination and harassment is unacceptable at any level, and you do not have to tolerate it.

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