Wrongful Termination Lawsuit against Douglas County

A woman who was terminated from her position at the Douglas County Clerk’s office has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit seeking unspecified damages and attorney fees. She claims that she lost her job for objecting to her job of registering same sex couples as domestic partners.
Kathy Slater claims she made her objection based upon her religious beliefs and that the county didn’t attempt to place her in a different department but instead fired her. This case goes to court in the spring in the Federal courts. This is a hot topic at the moment because of not only the differences of opinion on same sex relationships but also on the subject of the separation of church and state.

An employee of the state or county is generally considered a civil servant and should not be permitted to force their opinions or religious beliefs on others. The ability to perform the duties required on the job is part of remaining employed.

Was it the responsibility of the employer to move the employee to another department where she may find some other religious objection that would prevent her from performing her job duties? Does making the choice to work for the government mean that your personal religious beliefs and personal convictions do not matter?