Yale Accused of Sexual Harassment, Discrimination

According to Huffington Post, feminist author Naomi Wolf is accusing Yale of covering up sexual harassment claims as federal regulators launch a probe into the matter. Naomi Wolf has accused the university of systematically covering up sexual harassment and said the procedure for making complaints about staff is designed to stonewall victims.

Wolf’s comments come after 15 Yale students filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights. The students allege that the prestigious school has a hostile sexual environment and has failed to appropriate address incidents of sexual harassment.

The author has previously spoken out about the time a Yale English literature professor grabbed her thigh while she was an undergraduate.

Yale is no stranger to sexual harassment complaints, including those coming from female employees. The Women’s Center employee filed a complaint against Yale with the school’s sexual harassment grievance board. In 2008, the school found the men not guilty of sexual harassment but did lessen the charge to intimidation and harassment.

In 2004, a transgender employee filed a complaint against Yale alleging discrimination, homophobic violence, verbal abuse and discrimination from both co-workers and supervisors. Erin Emily Dwyer claimed the school and its staff discriminated and engaged in inappropriate behavior against her for 15 years. Dwyer said she wanted Yale held accountable and to pay for damages caused to her, as well as to stop the school from ever discriminating against another transgender employee. Dwyer further claimed the school engaged in retaliation when it failed to respond to her reports of workplace harassment, instead Yale suspended the employee and then terminated her employment.