Yates High School Ex-Principal Faces Harassment Charges

Ronald Mumphery, the recently retired principal of Yates High School is under investigation due to allegations that he sexually harassed female employees and a former student. A recently released concludes that the ex-principal had inappropriate sexual contact with a 17 year old student athlete at Yates High in 1984 when he was a teacher and coach there. The report also states that more recently Mumphery has “more likely than not” repeatedly engaged in sexual misconduct with employees at the school
When Mumphery was “retired” in late September district officials would only say that there was an investigation into claims of professional misconduct.

While some of the claims that have been investigated against Mumphery are more than two decades old, they were detailed in an anonymous letter that was received by Superintendent Terry Grier. The anonymous letter suggested that the fact that the spotlight that was shining on Jack Yates High School due to the presence of the school in the news for its championship basketball team, should lead to the allegations being investigated. The letter said “If the Jack Yates campus is indeed trying to improve its image then it needs to start from the top.”

The investigation found that while there is no evidence that Mumphery has recently engaged in inappropriate conduct with students, at least two female employees accused Mumphery of sexual misconduct alleging that he solicited sexual favors for overtime pay or promotions.

Whether it is after the fact or not, something needs to be done, there is no way that a principal should be able to retire and live out his golden years when so many employees and even students have been victims of his sexual harassment.