Your Workplace Rights In Burbank—The Media Capital of The World

Burbank is a city in Los Angeles County that lies approximately 12 miles directly south of downtown. As of the 2010 Census, approximately 103,340 people call Burbank their home.

Transportation and Top Employers

Burbank is home to the Bob Hope Airport, which serves 4.9 million passengers a year with over 70 flights daily. The airport is also the source of the most street traffic in the city. The Metro provide public transport throughout Los Angeles county, including Burbank, and Metrolink and Amtrak services can be used to get to Downtown, Ventura, Palmdale and elsewhere. More people actually work in Burbank rather than live within the city and the second-highest office space marketing in the San Fernando Valley is in Burbank. Top employers in the area include: The Walt Disney Company, Warner Bros., NBCUniversal and Yahoo!.

Your Workplace Rights in Burbank

The entertainment industry is the largest employer in Burbank. Even though these film and television studios are owned by Fortune 500 companies and household names, the entertainment industry is notorious for fostering hostile work environments. Accusations of sexual harassment and discrimination are certainly not new to Hollywood.

“It’s a tough issue for this business, which has desensitized a whole generation as far as what’s right and wrong,” independent film producer Leah Hanes told the Los Angeles Times in 1992. “There is a real confusion about what sexual harassment is. Most men know that at one time or another they could have been guilty of sexual harassment. There’s a real nervousness among males.”

Most industries have come quite a long way in terms of raising awareness about discrimination and sexual harassment in the last 20 years, but that does not mean the problem has gone away. Please contact our firm for a free consultation if your workplace rights have been violated—you may be entitled to compensation.

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