Your Workplace Rights In Century City

Century City is a commercial and residential district that lies just west of downtown Los Angeles, sharing borders with Beverly Hills and Cheviot Hills. Century City is relatively small compared to the rest of Los Angeles, encompassing just 176 acres.

Entertainment & Culture

Century City once served as a back lot for 20th Century Fox—hence its name. Fox Studiosstill operates in Century City. Houlihan Lokey, International Creative Management, International Lease Finance Corporation and Crystal Cruises all have corporate headquarters located in Century City. Only a step away from Los Angeles, Century City is home to various bars and restaurant as well as shopping districts.

Your Employment Rights in Century City

With so many corporate offices as well as no shortage of commercial retail outlets, there is a wide variety of employers in Century City. Whether you work in an office, a retail store or even work in residential homes or apartments, you should be fully aware of your workplace rights.

All employees have the right to work and earn a living free of harassment, violence, discrimination and wage theft. You do not have to be subject to crude jokes or unwelcome sexual advances or proposals.

If you are the victim of workplace discrimination or harassment, chances are it is not an isolated incident. If your employer is dismissive of the incident, that does not mean it is not a big deal. Please contact our firm for a free consultation today—know your rights!

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