Your Workplace Rights In Long Beach

Long Beach is a suburb of Los Angeles County and is the seventh largest city in California, and the second largest in the Greater Los Angeles Area, behind downtown Los Angeles. The importing, exporting and shipping industry is central to Long Beach’s economy.

Economy and Education

The Port of Long Beach is the second busiest container port in the United States and one of the world’s largest. Other than the shipping port industry, the largest employers in Long Beach include Epson America, Molina Healthcare and SCAN Health Plan, all of which have corporate headquarters in town. Major educators in the area include the Long Beach Unified School District, Boeing and California State University—Long Beach.

Railways, Public Transportation and Airports

The Union Pacific Railroad and BNSF Railway provide railroad transportation and carry about half of the shipments ocming in from the Port of Long Beach. Long Beach Transit provides local public transportation and regularly operates 38 bus routes around the city. The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority provides county-level public transportation. Long Beach Airport serves Long Beach, South Bay and Orange County and is the West Coast hub for JetBlue Airways.

Employment Attorneys in Long Beach

Whether employees are working in the port, the school district, one of the corporate offices or anywhere else in Long Beach, they have the right to earn a living in an environment free of discrimination and harassment. There is more information on your workplace rights available on our website.

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