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Seeking Justice After Harassment and Discrimination at Work

At the Los Angeles employment law firm of Kesluk, Silverstein & Jacob, our employment attorneys and staff are dedicated to utilizing all available and necessary resources to achieve fair, just and desirable resolutions to disputes that occur in some of the most critical areas of employment law.

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What Worker Rights Do California Employment Laws Protect?

If you are reading this, chances are an issue where you work has made you feel uncomfortable to a point where you started to think maybe these actions or inactions are unlawful. Know that your feelings are valid.

For assistance determining whether what you experienced violates your workplace rights, ask yourself:

  • Is your employer or a coworker treating you differently based on your race, religion, gender or disability?

You may be experiencing discrimination. Discriminatory acts do not need to be intentional to violate the law. Certain job policies that treat a particular group of people unfairly could also be discrimination. Speak with an employment attorney to learn if what you are going through qualifies as workplace discrimination.

  • Is another employee or supervisor continuing to make inappropriate or sexual remarks even after you asked this person to stop and reported this behavior?

Harassment at work can create a hostile workplace that could affect your job duties or employment. Reach out to our employment attorneys for specific information about the harassment laws relevant to your situation.

Our Employment Attorneys Will Make Your Case

All employees have the right to seek protection under California employment laws when working for abusive supervisors, wrongfully fired for injuries suffered on the job or employers abuse their workplace rights.

If you have a workplace rights issue and you need representation and guidance, contact our Los Angeles employment law firm to set up a consultation today.