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How Can I Seek Damages from a Wrongful Termination Suit?

If you are interested in suing a former employer for wrongful termination, there a few things you should know about this specific type of employment lawsuit. In wrongful termination cases, you are asking the jury to award you money, which is known as awarding damages. Usually these damages are monetary, and they are usually the only solution available in a wrongful termination suit. The purpose, however, of monetary damages is to compensate you for what you lost because of your employer’s “wrongful” actions. In this type of case, you will have to prove that you suffered losses because of the employer’s actions and the amount of those losses. What Are the Damages I Could Recover in a Wrongful Termination Case? In this type of employment lawsuit, you, as the plaintiff, will have to prove the amount of different types of losses that you suffered at trial. If you are in…
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What Is a Hostile Work Environment Under California Anti-Discrimination Laws?

Harassment in the workplace might seem like a harmless act, but this type of discrimination can be devastating. Not only can harassment lead to anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, and other harmful reactions, but it can also create an overall harmful environment that can make working difficult. A recent California state trial proves that the state has contradictory laws regarding harassment and hostile work environments. What Happened in This California State Court Decision? In Terris v. County of Santa Barbara, California’s intermediate appellate state court ruled that an employee living in the county failed to demonstrate that discriminatory remarks about the LGBTQ community made by her former employer’s CEO were connected to her job termination. The court upheld summary judgment in favor of the employer and against the former employee in her attempted wrongful termination suit. The employee and thirty others had been terminated because of budget shortages, but the former…
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Signs of Emotional Distress from a Hostile Work Environment

Since we spend so much of our daily lives in our workplace, we want it to be a safe and friendly environment. Stress is expected during work hours, and a little bit of stress might even be helpful to keep you focused, energetic, and challenged. Excessive workplace stress, however, can be damaging to for your performance and productivity, and it can impact your physical and emotional health. Many times, this stress is a result of a hostile work environment, which is most likely caused by harassment from your employer or other employees. Here are some signs that you are emotionally distressed at work as a result of harassment: Fear of being laid off: One common emotional distress signal from work is that you have a constant fear that your employer will fire you. This is due to your employer inappropriately threatening you of termination, or him/her constantly disappointed by your…
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