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What Is the Transgender Work Opportunity Act?

According to a Huffington Post article, only 35 percent of transgender individuals in the US are employed full time. A proposed law in California, SB 396, also known as the Transgender Work Opportunity Act, seeks to help more people in the LGBT community find full-time employment and avoid having their rights violated during the hiring process or on the job. How Does the Transgender Work Opportunity Act Help Fight Discrimination? The Transgender Work Opportunity Act would provide the following protections for members of the LGBT community: SB 396 would require every employer in California to have the Department of Fair Employment and Housing’s poster on transgender civil rights prominently displayed. Under the Transgender Work Opportunity Act, if an employer in California has 50 or more employees, they would be required to train their supervisors on signs of and how to stop on-the-job harassment involving gender expression, gender identity or sexual…
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What Should I Do If I’m the Victim of Gender Discrimination?

Recently, Science magazine reported on a story involving two scientists who are suing the Salk Institute for Biological Studies for gender discrimination. The Salk Institute is located in San Diego, California. Jonas Salk founded the Salk Institute 57 years ago. He is known for his pioneering work involving the polio vaccine. The two scientists are female, and both are in their 60s. They are both tenured professors, which puts them in the minority at the Salk Institute. There are 28 male tenured scientists at the Salk Institute. However, there are only four female tenured scientists. In their gender discrimination lawsuits, which were filed in early July, the women allege they have been the victims of systematic sexism, including the following: Exclusion from funding Forced to downsize their labs Stopped from being considered for grants Disparagement of their work How Can a Lawyer Help Me If I’ve Been the Victim of…
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How Much Legal Protection Do California Employees Have?

In California, workers have some of the most protective employment laws in the country. Many California state laws expand on existing federal protective laws, to provide even more protection for workers. What Laws Protect California Employees? Employee misclassification laws: Many employers are guilty of classifying workers as independent contractors when they should be considered employees. California has multiple agencies that test to see how a worker should be categorized, including the Employment Development Department and the California Department of Labor Standards Enforcement. Employees have more legal protection and rights than contractors. For example, contractors do not legally have to be paid overtime for working more than 40 hours a week. Layoff protections: California state laws protect employees in the event of a layoff. California’s Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) act, protects employees working at a facility with at least 75 workers from being fired without warning if there are…
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