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How to Fight Against Discrimination in the Workplace

Facing discrimination in the workplace is a difficult and stressful situation. Discrimination can take a number of forms, from discrimination based on race to national origin to sexual orientation to pregnancy and more. If you are facing discrimination in the workplace, you should know that you have rights, and those rights are being infringed upon by whoever is committing discriminatory acts. If you believe you are being unlawfully discriminated against, here’s what you can do: Make your employer aware that discrimination has occurred. Oftentimes, these illegal acts go unnoticed or unpunished by higher-ups in companies because the victims are too afraid to speak out. If the person who is unlawfully discriminating against you is your direct superior, don’t be afraid to speak to someone higher up. Tell your employer that not only do you believe discrimination is occurring, but that you intend to take the matter seriously. Demand that each…
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SCOTUS Refuses to Hear LGBT Discrimination Case

The Supreme Court of the United States recently declined to hear an appeal by a Georgia security guard who claimed she was harassed and wrongfully terminated from her job due to her sexual orientation. The refusal to hear her appeal means that a decision regarding whether federal laws that ban gender-based bias also cover sexual orientation discrimination will be pushed further into the future. In refusing to hear the appeal, the Supreme Court left in place a lower court’s ruling against the employee, Jameka Evans. Evans sued her employer in 2015, claiming a variety of discriminatory behaviors. She said that her employer attempted to force her out because she did not conform to female gender stereotypes. She also claimed that a supervisor asked detailed questions about her relationships, promoted a junior employee over her and physically assaulted her with a door. Does Title VI Protect LGBT Employees from Discrimination? The…
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Can I Be Fired for Smoking Marijuana While Off the Job?

Recreational weed is legal – but can you still be fired for smoking marijuana on your own time? Do recreational marijuana laws mean that employers are not allowed to discriminate based on your use of the drug? The answer? It depends on your employer. Employers still have a lot of freedom in crafting their own marijuana policies. Companies are still allowed to drug test employees and potential applicants, and are allowed to fire them or refuse to hire them if they test positive for marijuana. And even if you do work at a weed-friendly company, employers can still fire you if they don’t want you consuming during the work day. What about medical marijuana? If you have a prescription for medical marijuana, unfortunately, there are still no state laws protecting your employment. Employers are not required to accommodate medical marijuana users. Even if you can present evidence of a doctor’s…
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