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Three Signs You Are the Victim of Age Discrimination

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IBM is one of the largest tech companies in the country. However, former employees are accusing the company of using ageism as a strategy to keep the tech giant on top. A new wave of millennial hires is being utilized to give the company a fresh face. But older employees are being laid off as a consequence, though the law forbids this practice. Could this happen where you work? Here are some things to watch out for if you suspect your employer is discriminating based on age. What Are the Signs of Age Discrimination? Older Workers Are Disappearing – Have you noticed lots of older workers being released from their positions? Are all the new hires really young? IBM would release roles to its employees listing the names of everyone who was laid off and everyone who was hired. This practice ended in 2014, and some believe it was to…
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Changes in California Workplace Sexual Harassment Laws

Harassment can happen in any industry

Our blog two weeks ago discussed how you can spot workplace sexual harassment. However, you should also be aware that California enacted several new laws that can protect workers who are experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace. The following bills were recently signed by Governor Jerry Brown: SB 1343: Workplace Sexual Harassment Training Gets a Boost This bill expanded workplace sexual harassment education requirements. Under this new law, employers with five or more employees must provide two hours of sexual harassment training to supervisors. In addition, one hour of training must be provided for regular employees. These programs must be provided by January 1, 2020. Training must be provided every two years after the first training sessions are completed. California law used to require training for employers with 50 or more employees. The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing is responsible for helping disseminate educational materials to employers. SB…
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Five Possible Warning Signs of Workplace Sexual Harassment

The warning signs of sexual harassment

The #MeToo movement has become a national movement that has brought attention to sexual assault and sexual harassment. Instances of harassment or assault can occur just about anywhere—especially the workplace. In fact, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) reports that it has received a 12 percent increase in sexual harassment claims since last year. If you are being victimized at work, then you could have grounds to file a claim with the EEOC. Warnings signs of workplace sexual harassment may include: Physical advances. Physical advances are an obvious and common sign of workplace sexual harassment or assault. Unwelcome touching should never be taken lightly. Verbal harassment. If you are being victimized at work, then you may be targeted by sexually explicit nicknames and slurs. This type of harassment can also occur over the phone or through voicemail. Digital harassment. You could be targeted on your social media profiles or through…
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