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Significant Court Rulings For California Employment Law And Labor Cases

Provided By Leading Los Angeles Employment Law Attorney

Much of our labor and California employment law practice is based on previous court rulings. We use these rulings to guide our clients in their cases. Some of the most commonly used court rulings are listed below.

Landmark California Employment Law Rulings Workers Should Know

  • Sexual Harassment
    California has many laws and regulations that govern claims involving sexual harassment in the workplace. Our harassment attorneys provide the codes and laws you need to know that could potentially affect a sexual harassment case.
  • Meal and Rest Periods
    The California Labor Commissioner held in Hartwig v. Orchard Commercial, Inc. that the additional hour of pay for a missed meal or rest period is a penalty, not a wage. An employee may recover under California Labor Code §226.7, but as a result of the Hartwig v. Orchard Commercial lawsuit, this recovery is subject to a statute of limitations of one year.
  • Published Decision for California Fair Wages and Break Laws Violation
    Our wage dispute attorneys handled an employment class action lawsuit on behalf of a group of ready mix drivers, which was published by the court can now be cited as precedent for similar lawsuits in the future. We successfully showed how the employer violated the California Labor Code by not providing our clients with correct pay, proper meal or rest breaks.

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