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You put in the long hours and deserve to safe working conditions, compensation for your time and to have your rights under labor laws respected. Federal and California labor laws protect Los Angeles employees from a variety of employer violations. Knowing these laws can help you determine if your employer is in fact committing wage theft, not taking the proper measures to ensure your safety on the job or not providing the benefits you deserve.

Websites About Employee Rights and Labor Laws in California

California Chamber of Commerce

The California Chamber of Commerce website covers a wide range of topics aimed at educating employers on how to comply with labor laws. However, this information can be equally as important and informational to workers wanting to know if their employer may be violating these laws. Some of the labor law information on the site includes:

State of California

The state website also provides an overview of the laws and regulations that govern workers in California. This includes links to the California business and professional code, labor code and searchable state constitution.

Department of Industrial Relations

The office of the California Labor Commissioner, or Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE) oversees wage disputes in the state. From wage theft to providing education about labor laws, the site provides resources to workers about their rights, how to file a wage claim for unpaid wages and how to report a violation of labor laws.

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