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Court Rulings In California About Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Attorney Provide The Laws You Should Know

Although most businesses have taken some measures to prevent sexual harassment, companies are still held to a high standard. California is at the forefront when it comes to addressing sexual harassment in the workplace, having established several key California employment laws to better protect the rights of sexual harassment victims.
When your workplace rights are threatened by an act of sexual harassment on the job, and your employer has failed to remedy the situation, your next step should be to speak with a sexual harassment attorney to learn what legal options you may have. A sexual harassment attorney can explain the laws that apply to your claim and how taking legal action can not only help you, but also help prevent this issue from occurring at your workplace in the future. For a free review with no obligation to file any legal action, call our employment law firm today.

What are the Sexual Harassment Laws in California?

Many of sexual harassment laws are in response to significant court rulings on harassment at work cases that occurred in California and nationwide. The state continues to refine its requirements for employers to proactively address sexual harassment. The current California codes and statutes and federal laws particularly important in sexual harassment cases include:

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